Axis Series Homes

We are pleased to release the following Axis Series homes to the market:

• 4x two bedroom terraces (~78m2) priced at $599,000 each (Type H)

• 8x one bedroom apartments (~54m2) priced at $522,500 each (Type K and M)

To find out more about these Axis Series homes, including floorplans and specifications, download the information pack here.

We will be holding an information evening on 19 April, 6.30pm - 7.30pm at the Hobsonville Point Info Centre, located at 1 Hastings Street, and will be able to answer your questions and sign your HNZ letters of eligibility then.

Alternatively, we can sign your HNZ letter of eligibility at our Catalina Bay Info Centre, located at Catalina Bay, Hudson Bay Road Extention, open 9am - 2pm every weekend.

What is an Axis Series home?

Axis Series homes are designed for people wanting to purchase their first home in Auckland but are unable to afford a quality new home in a good area. To be eligible, you will either be a first home buyer or in the same financial position as a first home buyer with no current interests in property.

Market homes at more affordable prices

Hobsonville Point has been master planned from day one to provide for a diverse range of New Zealanders making for a thriving community. Twenty percent of the houses built at Hobsonville Point will be sold between $450,000 and $650,000.


To ensure the quality of the housing built at Hobsonville Point is of a consistently high standard, plans must be approved by a Design Review Panel that has strict requirements. Things considered a luxury in other developments such as double-glazing, extra insulation, rainwater capture and a weather-tight warranty, are mandatory at Hobsonville Point. That includes the Axis Series homes.


After studying successful urban communities around the world, we know that people live happily in compact homes when good design is present. A small home that is well designed in a neighbourhood that has been thoughtfully planned does not feel like a compromise at all. While the Axis Series homes are smaller than some of the other homes at Hobsonville Point the area provides plenty of outdoor recreational space and opportunities for people to meet or bump into friends in the community. And of course a smaller home and section size, or an apartment means lower maintenance, rates, insurance and energy bills for the owners.


The Axis Series homes are freehold. When you buy an Axis Series home you will need to obtain finance from a bank as you would in any normal house purchase. There are a few simple eligibility criteria, but you will own freehold title to the land and house. (The houses are not subsidised and there is no purchase assistance, such as a rent-to-buy scheme).

Who is eligible?

Axis Series homes are designed for people wanting to purchase their first home in Auckland. To ensure these homes go to the people who they are intended for, their owners:

• must be New Zealand permanent residents or citizens

• must be a first home buyer, or in the same financial position as a first home buyer as deemed by Housing New Zealand

• cannot put the home in the name of a Family Trust, company or nominee

• must have earned a gross household income no higher than $85,000 per annum in the previous 12 months for a single purchaser and no more than $130,000 per annum in the last 12 months, where there is more than one purchaser

• have proof of finance to complete a purchase of an Axis Series home

• will agree to live in the house for a minimum of two years

How to buy

Most of the homes at Hobsonville Point sell ‘off the plans’ including the Axis Series homes. Due to the overwhelming demand for Axis Series homes, and to ensure fairness a ballot system has been introduced. The people whose names are drawn from the ballot will get the first opportunity to buy the homes they have registered their interest in.

Go to for the most up to date info on entering the ballots.

1. Download and fully complete the Axis Series First Home Buyer Eligibility Application form. This includes the statutory declaration which will need to be signed in the presence of a lawyer or Justice of the Peace.

2. Return the form via email or post with the relevant supporting documents to Housing New Zealand (HNZ) who will assess the application and notify you of the outcome. If HNZ deem you as an eligible Axis Series buyer, they will send you a Letter of Eligibility that will enable you to enter the ballot. Please allow at least two weeks before the ballot for your application to be processed.

3. Register your interest by visiting the building companies at Hobsonville Point and providing each with a copy of your Letter of Eligibility. They will guide you in completing the final section of the Letter which identifies which ballot you are entering.

4. Enter the ballot by returning your completed Letter of Eligibility to HNZ. HNZ will send you an email or letter informing you of the outcome of the ballot.If you are successful, the building company will contact you directly.

5. Sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement, once your Solicitor has checked it for you. You’ll pay a deposit at this point and the balance on the completion of your home

Our ballot

Our 2018 ballot consists of four two-bedroom terraced homes priced at $599,000 and eight one-bedroom apartments priced at $522,500. You may enter the ballot for either typology or both typologies. Please read through the below information regarding our ballot process and key dates.

• 6.30-7.30pm, 19 April 2018 – Information evening held at the Hobsonville Point Info Centre, 1 Hastings Street. At this evening we will explain the Axis Series product, discuss our process, and provide an opportunity for questions to be answered. If you already hold a current Axis Series Letter of Eligibility from HNZ then you are able to have this signed on the night in order to enter the ballot. The evening will be by RSVP only, please RSVP to by 5pm on 18 April 2018.

• 5pm, 26 April 2018 – Cut off time for HNZ to receive completed Letter of Eligibility ballot entries. Any ballot entries received after this time, or which contain missing or incomplete information, will not be accepted and will not be included in the ballot.

• 27 April 2018 – The ballot for the Axis Series homes will be drawn by a HNZ representative. An application will be drawn for each of the Axis Series homes. Buyers are not able to swap to another Axis Series home. The successful applicants will be advised that morning. The contract including the specific detail of the property you have been selected for will be emailed, and a hard copy couriered to you. Back-up applications will also be drawn.

• The successful applicants will be notified by telephone and email using the details provided to HNZ. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they are contactable. We take no responsibility if the applicant misses the deadline for not being available.

• Non-successful applicants will be advised by email from HNZ that same day.

• 4pm, 7 May 2018 – Cut off for the receipt of the signed Sale and Purchase Agreement, and proof of payment of the 10% deposit. You may come into our CBD offices to sign the contract in person, or sign, scan and email the contract back to us, or authorise an agent to sign on your behalf. You will need to sign an agency form if someone is signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement on your behalf. The person signing on your behalf will need to show photo ID when coming in to sign the contract for you. A copy of the agency form is included with the information provided to Registrants.

• After 4pm, 7 May 2018 – if any of the successful applicants do not provide signed agreements and proof of payment of the 10% deposit by 4pm on 7thMay 2018, then the home will be offered to the next back-up applicant drawn from the ballot. That back-up applicant will have 5 working days to sign the contract and show payment of the 10% deposit.

Where to go to have my letter of eligibility ballot entry form signed and if I have any questions:

We strongly encourage you to bring any questions and your letter of eligibility to our Information Evening from 6.30-7.30pm on 19thApril 2018 at the Hobsonville Point Info Centre, 1 Hastings Street

Alternatively, you can have your form signed at our Catalina Bay Info Centre located at Hudson Bay Road Extension, Catalina Bay, open weekends from 9am – 2pm.

Any further questions can be sent to