About Sunderland

As part of the award-winning Hobsonville Point housing area, the Sunderland precinct aims to set a new standard of living, with unmatched quality of design and attention to detail.

Sunderland lies at the heart of the former Hobsonville Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Base, stretching along the northern coast of the Hobsonville Point peninsula and bordered by riparian reserves.

The neighbourhood plan for Sunderland has been carefully designed by Studio Pacific Architecture. It includes a range of over 190 new homes and 19 fully-refurbished former Air Force homes from the 1930s.

A distinct design ethos underpins the entire Sunderland precinct and every Sunderland home. It has taken painstaking planning and exacting attention to detail, but the result is a quality of living not yet experienced at Hobsonville Point, or rarely seen anywhere else in Auckland.